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SAPPMA is an Association of leading companies in the plastics piping business, with the purpose of facilitating high standards of ethics, product quality and technical information. It is an open association, well regulated by strong Articles of Association and Code of Conduct and is registered as a Section 21 Company incorporated not for gain.

The Purpose/Mission of SAPPMA is to create absolute customer confidence in the Plastics Pipe Industry, thereby ensuring long term sustainability and dynamic growth Industry and all objectives are in line with this.

In the current climate it is furthermore important to note that SAPPMA has since its inception some seven years ago, managed all its business with due recognition to the Competitions Act 89 of 1998. Transparency has been taken to the extreme, with information, including minutes of all meetings, regularly published on our website.

The question often arises whether SAPPMA is in competition with SABS. The answer is a clear negative. SABS is respected for its position as the national regulator of standards and we structure our approach accordingly. SABS and SAPPMA act as ‘partners’ in the handling of matters related to the plastics piping industry, having a common goal but different functions.

Plastic is clearly no longer a cheap alternative or foreign material as it was viewed for a long time in the past; it plays an absolute critical role in all areas of modern life, including piping systems. It is estimated that more than 50% of all pipelines in the world are plastic. In South Africa a very recent market survey has shown that about 60% of the pressure pipe market goes to plastic and in non-pressure lines up to 500 mm diameter, about 75%.

South Africa is waking up to the fact that water is fast becoming a critical problem. Quantity and quality are under severe pressure aggravated by fast increasing demand and huge losses in distribution. The focus is sharply on piping systems that are leak-free and durable for long-term use and also on the rehabilitation of old lines. HDPE and PVC pipes answer these calls with distinction.

The robust growth the market experienced in the past would not have been possible without the technical support of design engineers and end-users. Our annual Conference is one of the mechanisms to provide up to date technical information to those decision-makers. According to ECSA, there are 41 125 registered persons in South Africa (latest available figures).  Of significance is the year-on-year increase in the registration of candidate engineering practitioners, which is an indication that industry is becoming more and more committed to good quality service provision in the country.

Jan Venter

Feedback received from the industry:

“Following my request for assistance to SAPPMA, I would like to provide the following feedback.

The network in place and willingness between the SAPPMA participants to help a co-worker has been overwhelming. I have received numerous emails, telephone calls and follow up – within 30 minutes! All of which was constructive and provided for me an insight into the knowledge and depth within SAPPMA. As a person not coming from the Plastics industry – some of it was Greek to me – but what an opportunity for me to grow and learn. You know who you are – thus a great thank you to those individuals/ companies for your unselfish help.

The second item is, in my discussions with the raw’s supplier I was stone walled for a while – till I asked some of the questions provided by the SAPPMA members, this I think shocked them with some of my now apparent knowledge. And more importantly, I think what was the final straw is the fact that I had used SAPPMA as a platform to obtain industry knowledge for my problem, and thus are aware of the problem experienced by me and shared with you – albeit without the suppliers name."