• Around 140 000 tons of plastic pipe is produced annually in South Africa, representing sales of more than R2,5 billion. The buoyancy of the Industry is reflected in growth of around 1,5 - 2,0 times GDP and the installed capacity is expected to reach close to 200,000 tons pa in about five years. About 85% of the polymer used is locally produced, consisting predominantly of PVC & HDPE.
  • At first glance this size might not appear to be particularly large, but what is often overlooked is just how critically important it is. Plastic piping networks form an integral, expensive, long term and extremely important part of the infrastructure of this country. The integrity of these networks, built up over many years and expanding at the rate indicated above, is of critical importance, serving the water supply and sewage disposal (amongst others) needs of many millions of people. This clearly highlights the need for a responsible, ethical and quality conscious industry. Plastic piping is used across the complete spectrum of all industries - mining, civil, irrigation, industrial, telecommunication and building.